Calico is a finance company focused on helping veterinarians reach their full potential through practice ownership. We offer business and real estate loans to fund acquisitions, expansions, construction and refinancing, as well as operational support and access to industry experts to help you to become the best practice owner that you can be.

Our Story

We've been helping veterinarians become owners for years.

Calico was founded on the belief that veterinarians make the best practice owners. We took years of industry experience and designed a finance company that could meet the needs of veterinarians at every stage of their careers. By providing the right capital with the right terms at the right time, we enable veterinarians to achieve their dreams of practice ownership.
We work every day to educate the marketplace on how independent owners can succeed in the corporate landscape. By keeping the industry independent and informed, we help to keep ownership profitable and rewarding while showing existing owners that they have non-corporate options for success.


Veterinary ownership is the key to a better veterinary future.

We're your financing partners

in practice ownership.