Calico Prep

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Calico Prep is our two-day educational program designed to give aspiring owners all the information they need to run the practice of their dreams. We cover a variety of topics vital to ownership, like transitioning from buyer to seller, setting achievable goals and more.

Featured Speaker


Marc Nathan 

Marc, the CEO of Calico, founded the company on the belief that veterinarians make the best practice owners.

Courtney Post

Courtney, Calico's Managing Director of Community and Member Services, brings nearly a decade of industry experience to the table.

Develop critical business skills

At Calico Prep, we’ll teach you how to understand the business that you’re buying and the transition process with the seller so that you hit the ground running at your new practice.

Become a better manager

From overseeing a new staff to getting a handle on your expenses and revenue streams, there’s a lot to manage as a practice owner. We’ll give you the tools you need to figure it out.

Make valuable connections

At Calico Prep, you’ll be introduced to leading industry experts and talk to them about your business goals. You’ll also meet owners who really understand what it takes to run a practice.

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